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All are encouraged to read the week’s lectionary readings for the May Sundays as
noted. Pastor Darlene has planned all services to support these Bible readings.
Note that she occasionally modifies the specifics so it is recommended that you
follow these listings. Traditionally, Pastor Darlene’s meditation will be based on
the direction the Spirit gives her while preparing. Try to read the Gospel yourself
for each Sunday, and imagine what you think she will be sharing before you hear
it! THEN, let her know what you were thinking. The Scriptures are ALIVE, and we
should think / talk about them CONSTANTLY! Feel free to share your thoughts or
questions with her following any service.

MAY 3    4 th Sunday of EASTER    
Acts 2:42-47    I Peter 2:19-25     John 10:1-10

MAY 10    5 th Sunday of Easter       (Festival Christian Home / Mothers Day) 
                                      Acts 7:55-60   I Peter 2:1-10     John 14:1-14 

MAY 17  6 th Sunday of Easter      Ascension Sunday
Acts 1:1-11   Ephesians 1:15-23    Luke 24:44-53   

MAY 24     7 th Sunday of Easter   (Memorial Day Weekend)    
Acts 17:22-31     1 Peter 3:13-22       John 14:15-21

MAY 31     Pentecost Sunday    Wear RED- yellow- orange..... BAPTISMS, We
(MODIFIED ORDER):  John 7:37-39      I Corinthians 12:3b-13          Acts 2:1-21

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